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Sammy is a Daschund mix that was placed into the night drop box at the Martinez Shelter.  He had copper wire tied around his neck that was so tight they had to use bolt cutters to cut it off.  He was so afraid he hid under the bed in his kennel and wouldn't look at anyone and didn't want anyone to look at him.  I decided to rescue him even though I knew he wouldn't adopt immediately ( and I had never seen his face).

He was moved to a foster home in Alamo where he lived for many months with his foster Mom Margy, who worked with him everyday until he began to come out of his shell.  It was a very slow and long process, but eventually her patience began to pay off.  He played with his foster sister Sidney, gave Margy kisses and began to wag his tail.  This may seem like minor progress to those who have never met Sammy, but believe me it was major progress.  Margy called me the first time he wagged his tail, that's how important every little step was to us and Sammy.

With love and patience Sammy has become a wonderful dog, now enjoying his puppy days.  He was recently adopted by Ken and Corrine Burns and is in his forever home where he feels safe and protected and is enjoying his new family and receiving the love he truly deserves.

Sammy is truly a success story and we're very grateful to Margy for all of the love, kindness and patience she has shown Sammy.  She certainly started him on the path of healing.

And needless to say, we are very proud of Sammy and will always be in touch with him and his forever family.