White Kitty Foundation
About Us

The White Kitty Foundation team is composed of an accomplished group of professionals, each an expert within their domain. If you seek professional input on your current editorial or research project, we can provide input in the following areas:
  • Animal rescue programs
  • Foster animal programs
  • Estate planning for your pets
  • Pet sanctuary
  • Dog training
  • Education on pet care

Our Mission

The White Kitty Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care, nurture, and quality of life of the animals in our community. Through donations and fundraising, the Foundation seeks to shelter, rehabilitate, and nurture animals, regardless of condition, and ultimately find them a home where they can fluorish. Download our organizational profile here.

Our Vision

To be singularly focused on the protection and caring of animals that share our community. To provide shelter for abandoned animals where they can come and find comfort and security. Our process will involve rescuing, healing, sheltering, and nurturing these animals until they find a welcoming home outside of the shelter. Those that do not will always be welcome in our care.

Who We Are

We were founded in August 2007 in Walnut Creek, California as the brainchild of Cris Tarozzi. Cris has a long history of caring for pets, and decided to turn that passion into this Foundation.

Board of Directors
  • Bob Tarozzi - Chairman & Founder
  • Matt Macomber - President
  • Cris Tarozzi - Vice President & Founder
  • Sol Henik - Treasurer
  • Domenique Moreno
  • Barbara Marsh-Wetherell

Media and Press Inquiries

If you are a member of the press and would like more information on the White Kitty Foundation, please contact pressrelations@whitekittyfoundation.org.


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